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World’s First Processor Controlled  UV Lamp for Total Compliance WITH:

Rolls Royce RRES90061


ASTM E3022

Unlike all rival products currently on the market, all our Lamps have micro-chip based embedded processing. This enables far tighter control of luminous power outputs and battery management. This on-board processing even compensates for temperature of the LEDs, and this unique feature guarantees that UV output remains at the required level which would not be the case with industry standard current regulators. The other major advantage that sets us aside from rival products is that any changes/amendments to specifications required by regulatory bodies can easily be implemented by software upgrades for our customers.

Beam and Irradiance

*Distribution angle (beam): 14° Regular Beam / 25° Big Beam
*Irradiance < 5000 µW/cm2 ≈ 38cm (15″)
*Smooth beam
*Stable output irradiance and no PWM dimming or pulse LED current thanks to the proprietary designed power control algorithm.
*Can be customised according to client’s specific requirements

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