Mixed Light 2000

Real-time image overlay and completely automated detection software for both Fluorescence Magnetic Particle (FMPI) and Fluorescence Liquid Penetrant (FLPI) inspection.

What is seen by the eye VS results from the ML - 2000:

(a) Real - time streaming results

(b) All background light automatically removed

(c) Automatic detection and sizing of cracks ( red and green overlays )

Our Near Infrared Machines:

  • Totally modular and unlike x-rays systems, a single unit can be as wide (or narrow) as required
  • Unlike x-rays tubes, our easily replaced detector cassetes (spare unit supplied) ensure zero downtime and continuity of production
  • Can be easily retrofitted into HACCP points in existing production lines
  • Completely non-ionising with zero safety compliance issues
  • Permanently record all inspections
  • Have full internal capacity for continuous detection software upgrades
  • Allow for remote internet control of system settings and parameters by our engineers
  • Have the capacity to alert management via SMS text message/email on detection of defect



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