About Us


Inspection Technologies Ltd is a Research and Development company based in Royal Leamington Spa. Our core business activities are centred on developing, from concept to product, inspection and measurement devices for industry. We also undertake commissioned research. Our applications range from detection of non-metallic radiolucent foreign bodies in foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, various NDT related inspection tools, to security and surveillance. Our specialities include electronic and mechanical design, development of software and firmware embedded processing and full industrial prototyping. Upon request, for some products we also undertake to provide small batch run manufacturing.

At Inspection Technologies LTD we have built our reputation on delivering novel state-of-the-art solutions to common industrial production and processing problems. Our aim is to provide cost effective inspection solutions customised to your particular needs.

ITL’s technologies can be used to measure the physical properties of materials as well as for detecting contaminants or inclusions in various objects. The business model of Inspection Technologies LTD is to improve upon traditional inspection/measurement equipment with fully automated state-of-the-art sensory systems that will enhance the competitive positions of our customers.

We believe in developing innovative products through creative design and integration of well-known, tried and tested technologies which are applied in innovative ways and augmented with modern processing techniques.