Research Project

An exciting new project for 2016…..

A new research and development project is underway for Inspection Technologies Ltd [ITL] and Laser Optical Engineering Ltd [LOE] to develop a novel system to detect surface cracks. The Surface Crack and Universal Total Inspection and NDT Surface Examination project name [short name SCRUTINISE] commenced in November 2015. This Eurostars funded project also includes a third partner, RPR Technologies AS, who are based in Norway. The 2 year project brings together expertise in measurement, electrostatic and RF fabrication techniques [ITL],…

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Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the successful launch of the EU funded Eurostars program, SEADEC (E8996), which we are proud to announce it placed in the top 3rd of entries in all of Europe, against tough competition such as multi national comercial enterprises and major Universities across Europe. The focus of the SEADEC project is the detection and location of leaks and breaches in subsea pipelines which are costly and environmentally damaging. It is especially suitable for those ageing subsea assets which…

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Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 1st Quarter of the program of the EU funded Eurostars program, SPICE (Steel Pipeline Inspection for Corrosion Evaluation under Thermal Insulation – E9069). This project achieved the 3rd highest score in all of Europe against stiff competition such as large multinational corporations and world famous research Universities. SPICE is a novel leakage and corrosion under insulation (CUI) inspection system which constantly monitors 24 hours a day. SPICE is a breakthrough technologically…

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