CUPID (Corrosion Under Paint Integrated Detection system)


A European Commission FP7-SME funded programme that was developed in close conjunction with Solid Offshore Technology As (Norway), Tecnologia Y Analisis De Materiales SL (Spain), Inray Solutions Ltd (Bulgaria), V-Viz Ltd (UK), and PRA Trading Ltd (UK).

Corrosion under paint is a ubiquitous and persistent problem which affects almost every part of the entire infrastructure of modern civilization. Apart from the great economic damage which it causes annually, estimated to be 3% of Gross Domestic Product, it also compromises the safety, environmental and aesthetic characteristics of the affected structures, machinery and other artefacts.

CUPID is a system that incorporates three separate, fully developed and complementary NDT Techniques that are able to provide low cost, rapid non-contact long range detection of corrosion under paint under very large areas of painted surfaces. These are unaffected by factors inhibiting and limiting existing NDT technologies and are capable of scanning rates which are between hundreds and thousands of times faster (but at the same cost) as existing systems.

This project was completed and is herein described and filed under UK Patent Application 1413566.9. For more information on this product line, Contact us.