Mixed Light Inspection

Daylight Fluorescence Scanner (ML-2000™)

(Patent Application: GB 1610988.6)

Fast and accurate detection fluorescence signals even in conditions with strong background light intensities up to 100,000 Lux for use in Non-Destructive Testing and Medical Imaging.

Prices start from 20,000GBP


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Key Features of ML-2000™:

  • Can support both Magnetic Particle (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant (LPI) inspection
  • Detection of faults even at extremely high levels of background light (>100,000 lux)
  • Detection quality unaffected by background light which enables inspection under normally impossible conditions
  • Real-time processing and viewing of the the results
  • Recordable data for historical fault assessment and process control
  • Fast, portable and simple to use