Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 1st Quarter of the program of the EU funded Eurostars program, SPICE (Steel Pipeline Inspection for Corrosion Evaluation under Thermal Insulation – E9069). This project achieved the 3rd highest score in all of Europe against stiff competition such as large multinational corporations and world famous research Universities.

SPICE is a novel leakage and corrosion under insulation (CUI) inspection system which constantly monitors 24 hours a day. SPICE is a breakthrough technologically with advantages SoA not can emulate, and will thus open a new market to inspection companies operating within corrosion management

There are globally over 2 million km of overland pipelines, of which 30% are within Europe or supplying resources to the EU. This includes pipes in chemical plants, refineries etc. Corrosion defects are often hidden under layers of insulation often covered in metallic outer cladding. Early detection with existing SoA is difficult and costly. We will develop a novel SPICE corrosion detection system to aid in preventing leakages which are environmentally damaging and economically costly.