NIR Inspection Machines

(Protected by US Patent #8,933,405 and Internationally by PCT/GB2011/050643)

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Our NIR Machines:

  • Totally modular and unlike x-rays systems, a single unit can be as wide (or narrow) as required
  • Unlike x-rays tubes, our easily replaced detector cassetes (spare unit supplied) ensure zero downtime and continuity of production
  • Can be easily retrofitted into HACCP points in existing production lines
  • Completely non-ionising with zero safety compliance issues
  • Permanently record all inspections
  • Have full internal capacity for continuous detection software upgrades
  • Allow for remote internet control of system settings and parameters by our engineers
  • Have the capacity to alert management via SMS text message/email on detection of defect

Internal NIR Illumination Unit

Some of Our Applications

Our patented Near Infrared (NIR) inline inspection machines detect contaminants which x-rays and metal detectors can not easily see in food stuffs an in various industrial products. We can see;

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Stones & Pits

        Prunes as seen by the human eye            NIR Inspection Showing Hidden Pits and Dried Prunes

Prunes Human Eye  Prune

Retrofitted NIR Inline Chicken Breast Inspection Module


Packaging Polymers, Wood, Fan and Pulley Bones

Typical Layout at Clients’ Site


Cascaded Detectors to Increase Detection Rates

Efficiency of the NIR system can be improved by sequentially cascading separate NIR detectors and using the combined results of both to produce a single measurement.

Introducing the appropriate number of sequential detectors for a specific application produces minimum requirement of 95% detection rates.

If properly configured, overall false positive rates are typically around 3%.

Cascaded Detector    Chocolate Conveyor   Cascaded Detector
Detector 1                                                                                                                                         Detector 2

 Triple NIR Cascade Detector Fully Portable

Triple NIR Cascade Detector Fully Portable

Inspection For Chips and Surface Irregularities

ABOVE: Defects Difficult to be seen by the Human Eye [Ceramic Bearings]

ABOVE: NIR Surface Scan – Defect Chips Clearly Visible