Inspection Technologies Ltd has recently been successful in securing a EU –funded Horizon 2020 phase 1 award. This was one in the face of tough completion from trans-national companies and leading Research organisations across Europe filed where the overall success rate for winning awards was less than 2%

NIR Perfect is an ongoing project leading to the development of a technology for continual remote monitoring and inspection of glass fibre turbine blades in field applications and also such things as the detection of water ingress in maritime applications.

In the day to day operation of windmills for power generation and on farms, turbine blades are subjected to forces which have been known to promote failure by progressive cracking long term, making it rather costly when sudden failure occurs. Current SoA methods have proven tedious and unsatisfactory for early detection of defects and cracks leading to failure and many are contact based and require the unit to be taken out of service for extended periods of down-time in order to be inspected.

Under development by engineers at Inspection Technologies Ltd, is a technology that uses computer-based visual inspection to monitor any deviant changes real time such as erosion, crack propagation and skin debonding in operational turbine blades. The technology is purely non-contact, non-destructive and fully automated granting a pass or fail on each inspection.

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