Our Services

At Inspection Technologies LTD, we have built our reputation on delivering novel state-of-the-art solutions to common industrial production and processing problems. Our aim is to provide cost effective inspection system customised to your particular needs.

We provide an initial consultation to assess your requirements and the suitability, if any, of our existing product range for your needs.

If we cannot recommend one of our existing products, we will discuss either a bespoke solution or a completely new product concept. If a new product concept, one route to reduce risk and exposure (on both sides) is to conduct a feasibility study with appropriate prototypes.

We provide a complete system customised to your needs, including:

  • Concept development
  • Electronic and Mechanical design
  • Software, firmware and embedded processing
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing

Some Applications

  • Total coverage, non contact condition monitoring of civil structures, pipes and pipeline systems
  • Fully automated Machine Vision inspection of welds and seams for compliance (ASTM, EN ISO)
  • Detection of foreign bodies otherwise invisible to metal detectors or x-ray equipment (Food, pharmaceutical)
  • End of production line and in-service non-contact inspection of glass fibre composites for water ingress, delamination and other common defects
  • RF Subsea communications for ROVs and AUVs

If you’re interested:

We are always happy to provide any additional information about our services.

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