Remote Detection of Corrosion


30% of All New Pipe Installations Covered With Thermal Insulation Needs Repair Within 3 Years


Extensive Damage Can Happen From Within as Little as 6 Months

This is a disruptive technology to remotely detect corrosion which rapidly pinpoints leaks and breaches the instant they occur anywhere along a section of a pipeline, which could be many kilometres long (both overland and subsea) to an accuracy of within one metre. The system also detects and characterises corrosion.

All measurements are from just a single, easily accessible point located at the terminus or riser of a subsea system, or any single convenient point on overland systems.

The system permits cost-effective, remote and continuous detection, of the progression of corrosion and breaches which is simply not possible to achieve with existing techniques.

Validation trials were performed in February 2012 at the Centre of Research in Engineering Surface Technology (CREST) of the Dublin Institute of Technology, and more recently (July 2016) at a testing facility in Norway following further developments. With our system, you benefit from the following;

  • Solution does not involve the fitting of in-situ transducers or sensors underneath insulation.
  • Exactly locating the position of breaches in pipelines the second they occur.
  • Remote and instantaneous location of corrosion in pipelines many kilometres in length – both overland and subsea.
  • Continuous real-time health monitoring of the entire length of a pipe network to track changes over days, months and years.
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